Stop Proposition 23

There is a proposition on the California ballot that, if passed, will essentially repeal California’s strongest environmental protection law designed to decrease auto dependency and reduce greenhouse gasses This initiative, known as proposition 23, threatens a body of law enacted over the last few... read more »

Beyond Green Buildings

In a recent article on CNN.com, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Randolph Croxton, and Tuomas Toivonen talk about the importance of thinking beyond building "green" buildings. ... read more »

Sustainable Urbanists should revitalize abandoned cities first.

A recent article on WebUrbanist's blog, "Abandonment: 8 Cities That Might Not Make It" written by "Mike", (no last name listed), makes me think - why can't we revitalize these cities first before buil ... read more »

It makes sense that the USGBC Redwood Chapter is located in Sonoma Mountain Village.

It is no accident that the USGBC Redwood Chapter,(known as USGBC-REC), is located at Sonoma Mountain Village. ... read more »

Cities' "Green Dividend" there for the taking (#CNU17)

The long-held idea that cities are an environmental bane is completely and utterly wrong. Cities are the key to reducing humanity’s contributions to global warming and land despoliation. ... read more »

It's time to adjust to the metropolitan reality

One of the recurring themes of my writing (for example, here) has been that, to achieve susta ... read more »

Campbell's Soup's New World Headquarters, in Camden, New Jersey moves forward.

Campbell's Soup's new Charter violating World Headquarters, in Camden, New Jersey moves forward. ... read more »

Demand dims for energy-efficient homes

Demand dims for energy-efficient homes By Chris Kahn Associated Press ... read more »

Wall Street Journal, Front Page, August 2, 2008

After the Bubble, Ghost Towns Across America Half-Built Subdivisions Are Lonesome Places; 'There's Just No Noise' By ALEX ROTH August 2, 2008; Page A1 ... read more »

Fore!-warned is Fore!-armed?

While the news of late is enough to make misanthropy seem a pretty reasonable philosophy, it's nice to see that despite all ou ... read more »